1) Cultures from all over the world, having an intimate connection with the earth,acknowledge animals as being wonderfully suited to the jobs they do in their neighborhoods(environments.)  They are wise teachers who have been on this earth longer than we humans.  In our modern world we have very little contact with animals and have little or no understanding of their cultures.  Many contacts people have with animals occur in an atmosphere of fear. It is almost impossible to to see another being clearly when the interactions between you occur in fear. Many of us have closed ourselves to learning anything from beings other than humans and miss a whole range of existence.

2) Tracking: Observation skills will never be wasted no matter what we decide to do in life. Tracking is a great and fun way to stimulate and practice observation skills.

Tracking is also an excellent way for kids to have a chance to concretely see how looking at something (a track) from a different direction will give them a unique perspective (different information) about that track and thus may may have a different point of view. In this case about who may have left the track.

If you have an experience of connecting with a being quite different from yourself next time you meet a human different from yourself maybe you'll remember that connection and let yourself look a the situation differently.

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