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Making Tracks with Animal Teachers
Did you know that some people can go outside to their backyards, a field, or the woods and read the ground just as easily as we read a book? Every animal or human leaves tracks and signs behind them that can tell a story about who they are, and what they did. A person who watches the plants, animals and the land around them very closely, a person who is observant, can learn to read these messages and stories. Reading the tracks and signs that animals leave behind help us find out who lives in a neighborhood or habitat, and may help us see more of our animal neighbors. Learning to read the stories that the outdoors has to tell is a lot of fun, and they are stories that we can read everyday.
Learn More about Animal Teachers
Animal Teachers have lots of experience with small children to the senior community. We have attended many birthday parties and other special events. And we would like to be a part of your next event so that we may entertain and educate everyone about animals, animal tracks and the environment we live in. Please contact us to make arrangments for your next special event.
Animal of the Quarter
My name is Myrtle and I am a Caspian turtle, one of two European semiaquatic turles. I am over 56 years old and first arrived in Rochester, NY in 1959. Anne is my third human and I have lived with her over 23 years. We have been doing programs for kids for over 18 years. I enjoy meeting kids making tracks for them.

We hope to help people enhance their ability to relate to animals and to provide opportunities for people to experience animals as teachers. We offer opportunities to meet animals who are comfortable relating to humans so people may relate to representatives of other species in an environment without fear. We encourage respectful observation and interaction between all involved. We hope participants in our programs will gain an increased sense of connection with a member of a species they may not have met before. We work toward these goals through several lesson plans and enjoy working with teachers to tailor the programs to their groups. One of our favorite lessons is learning about animal tracks and signs.